Managed Services

We offer a wide range of Managed Services, including:


Data and Email Management (Office 365)
A large portion of the services that we provide relate to Microsoft Office 365.  There was a time when often even the smallest of businesses spent $10,000 to buy a server for their office.  This would allow them to achieve a productive level with a variety of server services within their office such as; Exchange email services, file and print services, internal security and so on.  Those days have now passed for the small business thanks to Office 365.  This product has improved to the point of becoming a very powerful tool for a wide variety a small businesses server needs.  All at a fraction of the cost of a traditional onsite server.

One thing that we do is to go one step further and offer an additional service to go along with Office 365.  That is a cloud based backup for end users 365 email mailboxes and data that exists on OneDrive and SharePoint.  It is true that OneDrive and SharePoint contain features such as Previous Versions of files and a Recycle Bin in the event that a file is accidentally changed or deleted.  What a lot of people don’t realize is that those features are vulnerable to ransomware.  If a computer that is syncing to OneDrive or SharePoint is compromised by ransomware, that infection can spread to 365 and even wipe out those Previous Versions and Recycle Bin.  Our nightly backup of 365 allows for disaster recovery in such a situation.

Remote Server Monitoring
If you have a server or other infrastructure equipment, we can keep an eye on it 24/7 with our remote monitoring agents.  We will take action and contact you if something should go offline.

Server Local Backup
Server backup to an internal NAS, which also sends a copy to the cloud.

Professional Grade Anti-Virus
Free anti-virus is never a good idea.  We offer professional grade anti-virus at an affordable price.

Virtual Server Hosting
If you don’t have a server and need one and a cloud solution is not suitable such as Office 365, we offer a virtual server in the sky (so to speak).

General Maintenance Plan
We can also offer a flat rate maintenance plan.  This plan is very inexpensive.  We will do regular routine maintenance on your internal server or network as a whole.  This allows us to be proactive and get ahead of any problems that may creep up.

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